Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Benefit Brow Wax Experience at the Beauty and Brows Bash with The Beauty Junkee

Brows have been receiving a lot of love in the past year or so, which is fitting because do so much for us. They keep sweat and dust out of our eyes, convey expressions, and not to mention, frame our faces.
I used to think that since I have full brows, I didn't have to do anything with them anymore.  I would try shading in some of the bald patches from years of errant tweezing, but kept getting than angry cavewoman effect because of the added definition.

See the bald patches from the thin early-2000s style? Thanks, high school me!
A month ago, I decided to start over; grow everything back in to have them professionally shaped. Step 1 of having a forehead that can literally stun from 5 feet away. The kilay gods decided to shower some blessings on my instagram account and I got invited to Benefit's Beauty and Brows Bash for The Beauty Junkee. The other 5 winners and I got treated to a free Benefit Brow Wax, sugary treats, and a few Benefit goodies. Ms. Martha, the Beauty Junkee, gave a demo of her signature 3-minute Billion Dollar Brows.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

NOTD: Ice Queen var.1

Time for a 2-step nail art design for weeks when a mere "accent" finger doesn't cut it anymore.

This is one of the many variations of the Ice Queen theme I often play around with. The perpetually scorching weather here makes me quite a hothead (hello, heat-induced migraines), so it's good to have something cool and frosty to focus on when you're trying to imagine away the heat. Plus, my arms and hands always feel like icicles in spite of the heat, so might as well look the part, right?